Prayer after the Election

Almighty and merciful God,

It is the day after the election in this country whose motto is “In God we Trust.”

Help me and every citizen in this country to step back and reflect what it means

to truly trust in You. Help us to rely on your wisdom and to depend on you for

strength and hope to get through this time of waiting. May your love conquer our fears

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and draw us closer to you, the source of all goodness and grace, and to each other.

Forgive us of our pride, our selfishness and lack of compassion especially for the weak

and vulnerable among us. Restore and heal our land, O God and raise up leaders

who are humble and willing to serve with sincerity and empathy. Help us not to look out

for our own selfish interests, instead renew our minds and hearts that we may look

beyond ourselves and see those in need, and realize that in caring for them, we are caring for

You. In the name of Jesus, who came to serve and not to be served. Amen.

Prayer for Peace

Eternal God,

I humbly ask for your gift of peace.

Help us to receive it with humility and grace.

Let not the evil and greed that threaten harmony among your children,


Draw us to yourself and your love, that we may live with compassion

towards everyone, even those who do not share our views about

how things ought to be done.

Help us to realize that we can live and thrive

even with our differences if we only try to see that deep in our hearts

we all desire to care for those we love.

Hear our prayer, O God.

Have mercy on us, I pray. Amen.